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Safe Injection Practices Survey<br />

May 10, 2010

Premier Safety Institute - Safety Share Newsletter

Dear Colleague

We need your help!

We are asking you to take a short survey to
identify current practices of healthcare
professionals who prepare and administer parenteral and injectable medications.

How you can help

We also ask that you forward this email to staff who may prepare and administer parenteral and injectable medications in your organization and any affiliated locations, such as, clinics, surgi-centers, and urgent care. Staff may include pharmacists, anesthetists, physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and techs, for example.


All data are anonymous and aggregated results will be summarized on the Safety Institute Web site. The information will also be shared with professional associations, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and other groups, to guide research and education related to reducing risks to patients.



Gina Pugliese, R.N., M.S.
Vice President, Premier Safety Institute®


Resources on safe injection practices and survey results at:














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