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Editor: Gina Pugliese, RN MS, vice president emeritus
Jan 22, 2018


Premier Survey Finds Majority of C-suite Leaders Prioritizing Opioid Safety Strategies

Premier offers solutions to make care safer and address opioid epidemic

According to a recent
Premier survey, approximately 90 percent of C-Suite leaders from Premier member health systems are prioritizing strategies to curb opioid use. The majority are focusing their efforts on conducting patient assessments with standardized tools upon admission to evaluate pain levels, staff education on resources for safe opioid use and alternative methods for pain relief. Leaders also suggested they are engaging in patient education on pain management treatment and the safe use of opioids; collaborating with state, local and community partners; and using technology for clinical decision support, patient alerts, prescribing practices and continuous electronic monitoring of patient-controlled analgesia.

Premier offers strategies, solutions and resources to curb opioid use and misuse

Premier has launched a
series of efforts to address the opioid epidemic and make care safer, including:

  • Lobbying activities to modernize health information laws to tackle opioid crisis;
  • Care redesign initiatives to measurably improve pain management as part of Premier’s *HIIN, part of the CMS Partnership for Patients program, including launch of a Premier national safer post-operative pain management pilot;
  • Pain management repository of contracts, suppliers, services and programs for Premier members;
  • Data analysis reports of opioid visits, utilization and opioid prescribing practices in the emergency department across 650 hospitals with individual reports for benchmarking;
  • Clinical surveillance solutions with alerts on high risk drugs/combinations, e.g., high-dose long acting opioids, co-prescribing with benzodiazepines, and educational tools; and
  • Premier research, publications and educational programs on opioid-related harm, outcomes and economics.

More information on Premier’s efforts to
address the opioid epidemic can be found on the Premier
Safety Institute® website

*HIIN (Hospital Improvement Innovation Network); CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services);


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