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It is National Influenza Vaccination Week – Did you get your H1N1?

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January 14, 2010  

It is National Influenza Vaccination Week – Did you get
your H1N1?

Why get H1N1 vaccination now? 

Get Vaccinated… It's National Influenza Vaccination Week.
Unlike the seasonal flu, H1N1 has hit children, young people and adults under age 65 exceptionally hard. That is why YOU, your family, your patients and co-workers should get the H1N1 vaccine now.

  • Nearly 100 percent of all flu right now is from H1N1 – so it’s not over yet!
  • Although H1N1 flu cases in the U.S. are dropping, experts expect cases to increase in the spring.
  • Significant data show that H1N1 flu vaccine continues to be safe and effective.
  • If a person has H1N1 they can be infectious even BEFORE they have symptoms.
  • If you’re not vaccinated, you can’t protect your family, patients, co-workers, or friends.
  • There is plenty of H1N1 vaccine for everyone.

resources on H1N1:


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