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Improving hand hygiene: An international collaboration<br />

April XX, 2010

Premier Safety Institute - Safety Share Newsletter

Improving hand hygiene: An international

5, 2010   2-3 p.m. ET / 1-2 p.m. CT /
Noon-1 p.m. MT / 11 a.m. – Noon PT


Speaker: John M. Boyce, M.D., Hospital
Epidemiologist and Chief of Infectious Disease,
Saint Raphael Healthcare System,

West Haven, CT


Premier invites you to participate in our Advisor
Live audioconference. There is no charge to
participate. Following the program, a live recording
and handouts will be on the Advisor Live Web site,


Moderator: Gina Pugliese
R.N., M.S., Vice President, Premier Safety Institute


Audioconference program summary:

Dr Boyce, lead co-author of the CDC/HICPAC
Guidelines for Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings
will review strategies and resources for improving
hand hygiene, including the World Health
Organization (WHO) Multimodal Improvement Strategy.

WHO initiative:

May 5th is also the "WHO- SAVE LIVES: CLEAN YOUR
" global initiative to raise awareness of
the importance of hand hygiene. Become a partner,
share your activities, join the global observation
of hand hygiene of compliance, and make use of the
available tools and resources. More information and
register your hospital to participate at:


Visit the Premier Safety Institute® for

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