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Healthier Hospitals Initiative – Sustainability and the role of supply chain

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November 19, 2012

We invite you to join us in this complimentary program as part of Premier’s Advisor Live webinar series that provides discussion on timely topics and best practices in healthcare.

Healthier Hospitals Initiative – sustainability and the role of supply chain

November 28, 2012
2-3 p.m. ET


Premier is a proud supporter of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative (HHI), a call to action for healthcare organizations to make changes that can result in a safer and healthier environment for patients, workers and their communities, as well as reduced costs. HHI provides a free vehicle to document and use your organization’s data to demonstrate leadership support for sustainability, greening your supply chain, energy conservation, waste management, use of safer and less toxic materials and products, and buying healthier foods.
"Without exception, every environmental issue is related to a product or a service," according to David McCombs, vice president of supply chain operations at Bon Secours Health System, and sponsoring health system of the Healthier Hospitals Initiative. Premier’s Greenhealthy® environmental purchasing program supports the goals of HHI. Join us to learn about the experience of a large health system and resources available to be a part of the sector transformation.

  • The critical role supply chain plays in a long-term, successful environmental stewardship program in the healthcare environment.
  • How Bon Secours standardized its data collection for a multi-facility system to track environmental performance and reduce costs associated with energy and waste.
  • Benefits of joining the free Healthier Hospitals Initiative.
  • Resources from Premier’s Greenhealthy environmental purchasing program


Kellie McNelis

Kellie McNelis Director, environmental purchasing,
Premier healthcare alliance

Janet Brown

Janet Brown Director, content and outreach,
Healthier Hospitals Initiative

David McCombs

David McCombs VP, supply chain operations,
Bon Secours Health System

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