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December 1, 2009


Energy Leadership Forum Audioconference Series

It is not too late to hear the experts discuss the business case for energy management.

Free audio files, slides and other resources from each program are downloadable at the 2009 audioconference series
Web site.

Selected topics from the series include:

  • Geisinger (Danville PA) saves $3 million annually despite doubled campus size
  • Ingalls (Harvey IL) saves $800,000 in reverse auction procurement with 5
    percent green
  • Catholic Healthcare West (San Francisco CA) renewable energy project with methane gas waste
  • Peace Health (Bellevue WA) saves $1 million annually with $1.2 million in rebate incentives
  • St Francis Hospital (Maryville MO) cuts gas bill by 50 percent and earns Energy Star Label and ASHE E2C award
  • Department of Energy – "Energy Smart Hospitals" program
  • Energy benchmarking with EPA’s portfolio manager

case studies on energy efficiency and cost savings

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