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Clostridioides difficile infections: 2012 CDC update on increasing risk, mortality and prevention

March 30, 2012

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CDC’s NHSN capacity strained with exponential growth of reporting facilities

We have relied on the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) for more than four decades to provide a scientifically sound system for reporting and analyzing healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

We take for granted that NHSN will consistently provide critically needed, high quality, scientifically sound and validated data for reporting of HAIs at the state and federal level to ensure that accurate information is reported and fair comparisons are made between facilities. There has been an exponential growth in number of facilities reporting to NHSN, from 3,000 in 2010 to an estimated 16,500 in 2013 to fulfill HAI reporting requirements for CMS’s Value-based Purchasing for acute care, dialysis and rehabilitation facilities and ambulatory surgical centers.

Despite its critical role and rapid growth that is straining the capacity of the system, NHSN funding has been flat since FY 2010. Additional funds will help to modernize NHSN’s IT platform to enhance electronic data collection and reduce the burden of data collection and reporting for healthcare facilities.

APIC’s focused advocacy effort to contact elected officials

APIC is leading a focused advocacy effort to obtain congressional support for funding of CDC’s NHSN for fiscal year 2013 that includes a campaign calling on Congress to
support a $27.5 million budget for Fiscal Year 2013
for CDC’s NHSN, a $12 million increase over the
previous year.

APIC has provided a link and a special website that composes letters that any interested individual can send to their elected Members of Congress asking them to support this funding.

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