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May 5, 2016

Editor: Gina Pugliese RN MS


CDC launches new Clean Hands Count campaign to promote hand hygiene

CDC Campaign: Clean Hands Count

Today is World Hand Hygiene Day and CDC has launched Clean Hands Count, a new campaign urging healthcare providers, patients, and
patients’ loved ones to clean their hands to prevent healthcare-associated infections. Part of the new campaign promotes healthcare provider adherence to CDC hand hygiene recommendations by addressing some of the myths and misperceptions
about hand hygiene.

The science is clear: clean hands protect patients from life-threatening infections!

All healthcare providers should follow good hand hygiene practices, such as cleaning their hands before and after every patient contact. Dirty hands are a
contributing factor in the spread of healthcare-associated infections that affect 1 in 25 hospital patients on any given day.

Despite the success in achieving 100% compliance with hand hygiene in many healthcare organizations, studies show that some healthcare providers perform
hand hygiene less than half the time they should. So our work in not done yet.

Patients can help

Patients must also be taught to when to wash their hands to protect themselves from serious infections. Patients can also help by reminding their providers
to wash their hands. So, in addition to teaching patients how to protect themselves, this initiative also encourages patients and their loved ones to not
be hesitant but to speak up and ask their healthcare team to clean their hands if they don’t see them do so before providing care.

Campaign resources

CDC’s new campaign uses dramatic images and messages to catch doctors’ and nurses’ attention, dispel myths about hand hygiene, and empower patients to
advocate for clean hands. Visit the CDC website at to partner with Clean Hands
Campaign and find posters, fact sheets, infographics, brochures, science behind hand hygiene, FDA update and more.


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