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May 1, 2009

CDC updates infection control guidance for healthcare

The CDC issued interim infection control
guidance for healthcare facilities caring for patients with confirmed, probable or suspected infection with the swine-origin influenza A virus (S-OIA H1N1).
As of May 1st, at least
141 confirmed cases of the new flu virus strain were reported in
19 states. The infection control guidance covers the following topics:

  • Screening, placement and transport of potentially or confirmed infected patients

  • Isolation precautions

  • Respiratory protection

  • Managing visitors

  • Duration of precautions

  • Surveillance and management of healthcare personnel (HCP)

  • Environmental infection control

Patients with confirmed, probable or suspected cases should be placed in individual rooms with the door closed, and HCP caring for these patients should follow the recommendations in the guidance.
More guidance will be issued soon for other care settings.

Download the
IC Guidance

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Swine Flu and
pandemic flu, including
sample plans,
tool kits, and more.

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