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Opioid Stewardship​

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Premier Safer Pain Management Product Portfolio

  • An annotated searchable repository of all Premier group purchasing contracts, suppliers, services and programs in the pain management space. Premier members can access this resource through its integrated intelligence platform PremierConnect® This toolkit supports efforts to improve prescribing practices, opioid use and patient safety through alternative methods and medications. Premier members can search for alternative therapies, as well as devices that monitor oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to avoid respiratory-related side effects, and treatments to improve the immune system’s response to opioids.
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NEW: Premier Data Optimization Report:

This report is an analysis to assess the need to institute new (or reinforce existing) improvement efforts in the management of patients presenting to the ED with an opioid OD using Premier’s Quality Advisor comparative database (details below). Analysis includes patients treated and released and admitted for inpatient care.

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Report highlights/Key data elements:

  • Opioid OD Treatment Rate Comparison
  • Cost of Care for Opioid ODs Treated in the ED
  • Opioid ODs: Treated and Released vs. Treated and Admitted Cases
  • What Can Be Done: Improvement Strategies and Resources

Premier Data Optimization Report: Opioids Use in the Emergency Department 2017

Sign in to view Premier Data Optimization Report: Opioids Use in the Emergency Department 2017 (QualityAdvisorTM subscribers only).opens in a new tab An analysis of opioid visits, utilization, and prescribing practices in the emergency department using Premier’s Quality Advisor comparative database:
  • Report Highlights: The population for the Opioid Use in the Emergency Department (ED) includes patients treated and released from the ED. The analysis did not include those ED patients admitted and those who did not receive an opioid during their ED visit, but left the ED with a prescription for an opioid.
  • Key data elements:
    • Overall ED opioid utilization rate
    • Frequency of ED visits with opioid use
    • Opioid utilization by drug and formulation (short-acting or extended release)
    • Opioid use by diagnosis for treated and released ED patients receiving opioids
  • Source of data for report: Premier Quality Advisor™ The Premier Quality Advisor™ Platform opens in a new tab contains data on 40 percent of all U.S. inpatient hospital discharges. This comparative database measures and analyzes performance to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by integration of quality, safety and financial data. This is accomplished through benchmarking clinical and financial outcomes against peer hospitals; comparing internal and external performances in shaping best decisions identifying care practice variations; reducing mortality, complications, readmissions and hospital-associated conditions; monitoring ongoing efforts to improve quality, resource utilization, and efficiency; and complying with regulatory reporting requirements.
  • For more information about Quality Advisor, please call the Informatics Solution Center at: 800.805.4608.

Clinical Surveillance powered by Theradoc®

​Clinical and medication surveillance solutions that provide real-time alerts on high-risk drugs and potentially dangerous drug combination interactions, as well as monitors patients prescribed high-dose long acting/extended release opioids. These solutions include recommendations for co-prescribing naloxone and educational tools for patient and family naloxone use prior to discharge. Vist Theradoc® for more information.opens in a new window

Premier research

Publications on opioid-related outcomes and economics download .docx file conducted by Premier Applied Sciences opens in a new window


Abstracts presented

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Advisor Live

Premier PFP and QUEST ADE and Harm Collaborative:

  • Reducing ADEs and harm associated with opioids – Safer post-operative pain management
  • Contemporary Pain Management: T.J. Gan M.D. Slidesdownload PDF in new tab