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Paramedics Unloading Patient from Medevac

Last Updated  5/26/2021

Hurricane Resources

The hurricane season for 2021 will have unique challenges. The continuation and resulting supply chain disruptions will require steadfast preparedness, mitigation and response. If you are in a hurricane risk zone, preparedness for your family and homestead is critical. With proper preparation, healthcare providers can keep staff, patients and community members as safe and ready as possible.

Here are three key actions to take now:

  1. Review and refresh hurricane plans.
  2. Practice disaster response drills.
  3. Assess supplies and safety stock.

The purpose of this site is to help guide the Premier membership in its preparation and potential response activities in the face of hurricanes or tornadoes. Members will find preparation checklists; proposed disaster playbooks; monthly tips; supplier, regulatory and support offerings; and real-time updates during and immediately following a disaster.

Premier Safety Institute is Retiring

This site is no longer being updated; it is staying available for historical reference until 6/30/2022.

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