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Last Updated  1/21/2021

COVID-19: Premier Response And Resources

For more than two decades, Premier has been a trusted connection point for healthcare providers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and the government. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve set aside competitive boundaries and leveraged our relationships at every level of the supply chain to enable access to supplies, intelligence and technology.

Our efforts are helping to stabilize the supply chain, provide an early warning of COVID-19 hotspots, bridge the public and private sectors, shape the public’s understanding and promote industrywide problem-solving. Here’s a peek into what we’ve been able to accomplish.opens in a new tab

While SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 are new, preparing for responses to disasters is not, especially for the seasoned experts at Premier. We are committed to meeting the needs of our member hospitals and health systems and the patients they serve.

Premier healthcare alliance: Disaster Preparedness and Response Resourcesopens in a new tab are available to help guide the Premier membership in its preparation and potential response activities for emergencies, disasters and disruptions, such as hurricanes and outbreaks. Members will find preparation checklists, proposed disaster playbooks, monthly tips, supplier, regulatory and support offerings and real-time updates during and immediately following a disaster (member login required).

  • During times of crisis capacity and/or resource shortages, the leadership of the organization must prepare efficiently and communicate effectively throughout the organization. Clinicians and supply chain must collaborate and coordinate.
  •  In brief, the organization must:
    • Assess current inventory and supply chain capacity/capabilities.
    • Understand use and utilization patterns; PPE Burn Rate calculatorsopens in a new tab are indispensable.
    • Identify opportunities appropriate for substitution or other conservation strategies. For glove conservation, there may be situations in which shortage gloves are being used currently that could safely transition to use of gloves made of alternate materials (i.e., vinyl for nitrile).
    • Document rationale for interim strategies and tactics and incorporate contingency plans.
    • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
Free educational and informational webinars covering timely topics.
  • Medical Exam Glove Optimization (Jan. 13, 2021)
  • Following introductory remarks by Leslie Schultz, Director of the Premier Safety Institute®, Dr. Lee Greenawald presents on a framework for PPE optimization strategies and the continuum of options available during various scenarios, such as times of “crisis capacity” or supply shortages. Dr. Greenawald is a physical scientist with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL). Click here opens in a new tab to access the recording.

    • COVID-19: Break the Wave with Predictive Surveillance & Decision Support (May 2)
      • COVID-19 has already disrupted modern society on a scale that most living people have never witnessed. What can we do now to mitigate future waves and better prepare for the next crisis?
      • Listen to this on-demand webinar opens in a new tab where Premier experts share a showcase of Predictive Surveillance and Decision Support technology that can:
        • Alert infection preventionists of suspected and confirmed cases.
        • Translate national guidelines into decision support for clinicians, embedded in the EMR workflow.
        • Use natural language processing and machine learning to mine clinical notes for early warning signs.
        • Predict surge, and forecast necessary supplies, staffing and beds 7-14 days in advance.
        • Share daily, enterprise-level COVID-19 insights based on integrated data sources.
      • SPEAKERS:
        • Ryan Nellis, Chief Commercial Operations Officer, Premier
        • Robin Carver, RN, MSN, CIC, Vice President Member Engagement, Premier
    • COVID-19: Implications for Clinicians (March 18):
      • The World Health Organization has deemed COVID-19 a global pandemic, which has raised fears and confirmed what many clinicians have suspected – we need to be prepared now!
      • This webinar was designed specifically for clinicians and infection preventionists, who are the front lines in managing and mitigating the current crisis. The webinar provided the latest updates on the impact COVID-19 is having in the U.S. and specific strategies and tactics supporting early identification and mitigation of the clinical risks associated with COVID-19. Listen to the recording and download the presentation on demand here opens in a new tab.
      • Topics covered included:
        • Review of key points of knowledge needed for healthcare professionals and support staff.
        • Discussion of the most updated guidelines and guidance for prevention and control of COVID-19.
        • Overview of supply chain updates.
    • Executive Briefing: State of Supply Chain and COVID-19 (Feb. 19): 
      • This webinar provides an update on the impact of this disease in the U.S., covers specifics on the risks to our supply chain of PPE products, including N95 respirators, and makes recommendations for limiting risk for our nation’s healthcare systems and their patient populations. View the recording on demand opens in a new tab at your convenience.
COVID-19 related information and recent announcements from Premier opens in a new tab:

Premier’s Clinical Surveillance technology and services opens in a new tab, powered by TheraDoc, gives infection preventionists back precious time they need to stem the spread of COVID-19.

Premier Safety Institute is Retiring

This site is no longer being updated; it is staying available for historical reference until 6/30/2022.

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