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Safety Store is an online store for safety resources and educational programs available from the Safety Institute at no charge.

Energy efficiency

White paper on energy efficiency

Leading your healthcare organization toward energy efficiency: A call to action.

Energy Efficiency White paper

Hand hygiene video

Hand hygiene saves lives: CDC patient admission video

This video, available in English and Spanish teaches two key points to hospital patients and visitors to help prevent infections: the importance of practicing hand hygiene while in the hospital, and that it is appropriate to ask or remind their healthcare providers to practice hand hygiene as well.

hand hygien saves lives

Needlestick prevention

CDC Sharps Injury Prevention

Materials for designing, implementing and evaluating a sharps injury prevention program. Produced by the Department of Health and Human Services and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

 sharps injury prevention

CDC Sharps Safety Pamphlet

New, free CDC pamphlet on sharps safety. 2-page tri-fold; easy to download and print.

 cdc sharp safety pamphlet

Premier Needlestick Prevention Brochure

Twelve page brochure summarizing risks of needlestick injuries, work practice prevention strategies, safety devices, device evaluation, post-exposure follow up, and sharps disposal.


Safe injection practices

Meeting proceedings

Summary proceedings of Safer designs for safer injections: Innovations in process, products and practices, an open meeting convened by the Premier healthcare alliance in collaboration with the Safe Injection Practices Coalition on April 26, 2011

  • View on-line or print proceedings
safe injection practices

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