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Practice Greenhealth  is the nation’s leading nonprofit membership organization for health care institutions that have made a commitment to sustainable, environmentally preferable practices.  More than 1,300 hospitals, GPOs, suppliers and health care systems across the country have become members and embraced sustainability as a means to practice the Hippocratic Oath— to heal and do no harm—through safer products, reduced air emissions, elimination of toxins, safer working environments, less waste and efficient use of energy and water. With a national workforce of 4.6 million and facilities that operate 24 hours per day, seven days each week, plus purchasing power that represents 16 percent of the marketplace, health care organizations have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the environment. 

Premier is a member of Practice Greenhealth and encourages healthcare organizations  to join to have access to additional tools and resources – much of which is publicly available.  Practice Greenhealth also provides expert knowledge to support the sector in moving closer towards sustainability goals and to continue making a meaningful difference for the planet as well as the patients, staff, and visitors who walk through our doors. 

Environmental purchasing is a key element of any sustainability program as it supports achieving goals such as waste reduction, energy conservation, and the use of safer chemicals. For resources on greening your supply chain, Practice Greenhealth also offers useful guidance on how to get started, including understanding green claims, where to find environmentally preferable products, case studies, as well as technical purchasing guidance on dozens of products and services used in health care, and much more. Several of these resources are available to non-members.

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