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healthier-hospitalsHealthier Hospitals, a free program of Practice Greenhealth,is a call to action for the entire industry to join the shift to a more sustainable business model, and a challenge for them to address the health and environmental impacts of their sector. By creating a collaborative setting which engages all stakeholder groups and gives each individual player the tools they need to succeed, HH has created a platform to help health care organizations get started and affect widespread, meaningful change—and measure their impact.

Healthier Hospitals began with a campaign in 2012, with twelve health systems working with Practice Greenhealth, Health Care Without Harm, and the Center for Health Design launched the three year initiative, Hospitals Initiative (HHI). This three-year campaign served as a guide for hospitals to adopt environmental best practices such as reducing energy and waste, choosing safer and less toxic products, and purchasing and serving healthier food. More than 1300 hospitals committed to this new health care model through this free program.

Due to the momentum and success of the Initiative, Healthier Hospitals (HH) now continues beyond the HHI campaign as a free Practice Greenhealth program for both those just getting started in sustainability and for active members as a powerful use of aggregate data and market transformation

Six areas of focus

Hospitals have enormous potential for incorporating innovative and efficient design into their business models. HH is helping hospitals achieve lower costs and better patient care by challenging them to improve operations in six areas:

Healthier Hospitals Data

During the campaign of HHI, data trends were reported through three Milestone Reports. These trends will continue to be reported within the Practice Greenhealth’s Benchmark Report.

Join now

Healthcare organizations can join HH and the more than 1300 hospitals that have already joined to lead their communities to a healthier future. There is no fee to participate and HH provides resources and expertise for implementing environmentally friendly practices.

Webinars on Healthier Hospitals

Practice Green Health – HH

White paper from Commonwealth Fund:

Can sustainable hospitals bend the cost curve?

In this issues paper supporting the work of HHI, data was gathered from hospitals implementing energy use reduction, waste reduction, and more efficient purchase of operating room supplies and concluded that the savings from these efforts could exceed $5.4 billion over five years, and $15 billion over 10 year.

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