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    Approximately 90 percent of C-Suite leaders from Premier member health systems are prioritizing strategies to curb opioid use, according to Premier survey.  Premier supports these opioid safety efforts with data-driven research and reports of opioid practice patterns, care redesign initiatives, repository of pain management alternatives, clinical surveillance solutions and shaping healthcare policy.

    • Premier Public Affairs – Shaping Healthcare Policy
      • Modernize Health Information Laws to tackle opioid crisis. Premier is leading the lobbying activities of the Coalition of 39 national organizations  (www.helpendopioidcrisis.org) pushing legislation (H.R. 3545 / S. 1850) to insert HIPAA’s treatment, payment and healthcare operations policy into 42 CFR Part 2. The goal is to modernize health information laws to enable the sharing of a patient’s entire medical record, including addiction records, so providers have all the information necessary to provide safe, effective, high quality treatment and care.
      • Premier has engaged with the White House and the President’s Opioid Task Force on importance of amending the 1972 addiction privacy to enable care coordination. Premier efforts in tandem with the Coalition resulted in the President’s Opioid Task Force recommending that Congress pass H.R. 3545 / S.1850 as one of 56 recommendations to tackle the opioid crisis impacting the country as a whole.
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    • Premier Safety Institute
    • Premier’s HIIN- National Hospital Initiative on Opioid Safety in Partnership with American Society of Anesthesiologists
      • PILOT: Safer Post-operative Pain Management: Reducing Opioid-related Harm

Premier’s national pilot brings hospitals together to improve pain management strategies through its Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN), which is part of the CMS Partnership for Patients program. The effort is focused on measurably improving the safety of post-operative opioid pain management by providers, clinicians and patients/families. The Safer Post-operative Pain Management: Reducing Opioid-related Harm pilot was launched in September 2017 and runs through March 2018.  More information