Bartley_APICJudene Mary Bartley, clinical consultant for the Premier Safety Institute from its launch in 1999 and managing editor of Premier’s Safety website and its SafetyShare eNews, passed away on December 26, 2011.

Judene began her career and passion in science, teaching chemistry and biology in Detroit, MI, and Milwaukee, WI. After completing graduate studies, she worked at Henry Ford Hospital in immunology research, and in 1973 began her career in hospital epidemiology in Michigan with director positions at Hurley Medical Center in Flint and director of quality, safety and epidemiology at Harper Hospital in Detroit for 16 years. For the past 14 years she has been the vice president of Epidemiology Consulting Services Inc. where she consulted and volunteered thousands of hours to share her expertise with public and private healthcare organizations and agencies, including the CDC, AHA, APIC, APIC Greater Detroit, MSIPC, ASHE, SHEA, and many other groups. Judene served as a member of the American Institute of Architects/Facility Guidelines Institute (AIA/FGI) Healthcare Guidelines Revision Committee (HGRC) for more than 15 years and on the HGRC Steering Committee for 10 years and received special recognition from FGI for her more than two decades of voluntary leadership to healthcare community.

Judene Bartley

Judene Bartley presenting Premier Safety Institute research on TB control measures in US hospitals.

Judene was a national lecturer and prolific writer who was sought after by many to share her knowledge and expertise with more than 100 published articles that focused on the integration of healthcare epidemiology, infection prevention, engineering, safety, and sustainability in the environment. She received many national awards for her outstanding achievements, including the Carol DeMille award, APIC’s highest achievement.

Judene truly transformed healthcare both as a public figure serving on many local, state and national committees through the years, as well as a loyal and trusted confidant to many key national and federal colleagues who sought her out for her wisdom and national perspective on so many issues. She had the unique skill to identify emerging critical issues quickly, quietly inform and engage local and national leaders, and mobilize all the resources needed to address the issue in a practical and balanced manner. She was very modest, but fought for what she believed in, both personal and professional issues, with grace and fierce determination. She was never too busy to answer a question, mentor a colleague, or provide rationale and wise advice to anyone that asked, on just about any topic.

Judene will be remembered for her dedication and pursuit of excellence in all her personal and professional activities. She was deeply religious, but believed in actions and examples more than words. She had a great sense of humor and never took herself too seriously. She was a warm and compassionate supporter of many causes from her family, friends and colleagues.

Judene will be sorely missed by her husband Richard, her mother Myrtle, her eight sisters and brothers and family, as well as the thousands of friends and colleagues whom she taught, mentored and loved. Notes to her family can left in the online guest book.

Donations in her memory, per Judene’s wishes, can be made to Henry Ford Health System, Office of Philanthropy, 1 Ford Place 5A, Detroit, MI 48202-3450, and designated to either the Columbus Oncology or Hospice Programs.

A Quiet Battle – video featuring Judene Bartley 
A video about the prevention of hospital-associated infections featuring Judene Bartley, a pioneer in infection prevention. This video was developed by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering in association with Monarch Media Studios and featured at the 2011 APIC Annual Film Festival. APIC members Linda Dickey and Russ Olmsted share their thoughts about Judene and her scientific curiosity and how she inspired the next generation of practitioners.

Judene Bartley scholarships and awards

  • The APIC Great Lakes (GL) Red Blazer Award – each year recognizes the most extraordinary APIC- GL member who personifies the trail blazing spirit of Judene Bartley.
  • APIC-SHEA Judene Bartley Advocacy in Action Scholarship – for an outstanding member and rising leader of respective organizations to enhance training and application of public policy advocacy skills to advance the expertise of healthcare epidemiology field in policy development.